Publicity for Alvin Achenbaum

Announcement from Duke University

November 11, 2013

Achenbaum Dedicates Papers, Endows Hartman Center Travel Grants



Praise from Legendary Leaders and Practitioners


“We were impressed again and again with the excellence and the extent of the efforts made by Al Achenbaum in connection with Toyota.  I have deep appreciation for his exceptional work.”

Isao Makino, President

Toyota Motor Sales, USA


“Al Achenbaum’s consultation services for the Army resulted in major improvements in the recruiting business.  He pointed out that the Army had an inferior ‘product’ for the marketplace.  With his help, we fixed that.  He then encouraged us to hire more qualified people to manage our marketing programs.  His recommendation that we combine officers holding related graduate school degrees with our Training-within-Industry program significantly increased our marketing expertise.”

Max Thurman, U.S. Army General and Vice Chief of Staff

Department of Defense


“Al Achenbaum’s book is the single most valuable treasure trove of marketing learning in existence, particularly given where Al has been and what he has accomplished.  When I was a rookie at Grey in 1965, Al and his inestimable brain trust were moving the industry away from sole reliance on judging the value of an ad based on its memorability.  They introduced the difficult new concept of attitude shift into a field that was at the time as auteur-dominated by creatives as was Hollywood, and therefore just as hard to present science to.  Yet they succeeded, in large part due to Al’s leadership.  He is truly one of the all-time original Mad Men.”

Bill Harvey, Author of Mind Magic, How to Focus for Success