Lessons Learned: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Over the course of six decades as a practitioner in the field, Alvin Achenbaum advised and aided over 150 clients, from Fortune 500 powerhouses to novice single-brand start-ups.   He saw first hand the challenges that marketers faced, what works and doesn’t work in the marketplace, as well as the opportunities offered by experimenting with innovative research methods and conducting disciplined strategic planning.

Through these experiences, Achenbaum gained valuable insight into how best to address the business issues of today—and how best to help determined marketers prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

The six most important Lessons Achenbaum learned are all contained in Lessons Learned: A Practitioner’s Guide to Successful Marketing.

Lesson 1: Building and protecting a strong brand identity is key to success in any business

Lesson 2: Understanding consumer attitudes and behavior is fundamental to designing a meaningful brand strategy
Lesson 3: Keeping up with an ever-changing marketplace requires disciplined strategic marketing planning

Lesson 4: The application of science to marketing makes brand management more professional and improves results

Lesson 5: Identifying real media exposure is critical to evaluating advertising effectiveness

Lesson 6: A successful client-agency partnership will drive business and brand performance

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