The Achenbaum Institute of Marketing was founded in 2005 to celebrate the legacy of Alvin Achenbaum.  Its mission is to create a lasting record of Achenbaum’s accomplishments as one of the leading figures in the marketing, advertising and research communities of the late 20th century.

In 2012, the Institute donated Achenbaum’s comprehensive collection of research studies, presentations, speeches, correspondence and articles to Duke University. The Alvin A. Achenbaum Collection comprises over 80,000 items and contains 117 linear feet of material.  Clients represented in the Collection include: American Red Cross, AT&T, Block Drug, Bristol-Myers, Campbell Soup, Chrysler, General Foods, GTE, Hallmark, Honda, K-Mart, Miller Brewing, Nationwide, Nestlé, Nissan, Pfizer, Philip Morris, Quaker Oats, Revlon, Ryerson, Seagram, Toyota and the U.S. Department of Defense.

The Alvin A. Achenbaum Collection is available for research and viewing at the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Marketing and Advertising History at Duke University in Durham, NC.  Its contents can also be accessed via the Center’s website.

In 2013, the Institute established the Alvin A. Achenbaum Travel Grant Program which sponsors travel for scholars of marketing, research and advertising who wish to study at the Hartman Center at the Rubenstein Library.

In 2013, the Achenbaum Institute of Marketing published Lessons Learned: A Practitioner’s Guide to Successful Marketing with the goal of presenting a comprehensive and instructional guide to future business leaders from one of the marketing world’s most experienced and accomplished practitioners.

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